Environmental statement

Pre-application documents

Environmental statement

Volume I

Volume ICovers and ContentsView here
1IntroductionView here
2Site DescriptionView here
3Development DescriptionView here
4Consideration of AlternativesView here
5Approach to Environmental Impact AssessmentView here
6ConsultationView here
7Traffic and TransportView here
8Water ResourcesView here
9Ground ConditionsView here
10BiodiversityView here
11Air QualityView here
12Noise and VibrationView here
13Cultural HeritageView here
14Socio-economicsView here
15HealthView here
16Townscape and Visual AmenityView here
17Climate ChangeView here
18Materials and WasteView here
19Wind MicroclimateView here
20Daylight, Sunlight and OvershadowingView here
21Summary of Residual and Cumulative EffectsView here
22ConclusionsView here
Statement of ExpertiseView here
Reference ListView here
GlossaryView here

Volume II

Volume IICovers and ContentsView here
FlysheetsView here
Appendix 1.1Site Location PlanView here
Appendix 2.1Application PlanView here
Appendix 3.1Masterplan Zoning PlanView here
Appendix 3.2Masterplan Parameter PlansView here
Appendix 3.3Illustrative MasterplanView here
Appendix 3.4Masterplan Phasing PlanView here
Appendix 5.1Scoping ReportView here
Appendix 5.2Natural Resources Wales Scoping ResponseView here
Appendix 8.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 8.2ConsultationView here
Appendix 8.3Drainage StrategiesView here
Appendix 8.4Water Framework Directive AssessmentView here
Appendix 8.5Flood StatementView here
Appendix 9.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 9.2Desk StudyView here
Appendix 9.3Factual Ground Investigation ReportView here
Appendix 9.4Additional Factual Ground Investigation ReportView here
Appendix 9.5Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Interpretative ReportView here
Appendix 9.6FiguresView here
Appendix 10.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 10.2CIEEM Guidance on EcIA ElementsView here
Appendix 10.3Preliminary Ecological AppraisalView here
Appendix 10.4Habitats Regulations AssessmentView here
Appendix 10.5Figure 1 Habitat Survey MapView here
Appendix 11.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 11.2Assessment MethodologyView here
Appendix 11.3Air Quality Assessment ResultsView here
Appendix 11.4FiguresView here
Appendix 12.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 12.2ConsultationView here
Appendix 12.3Noise Monitoring ResultsView here
Appendix 12.4Cardiff Arena Noise Baseline ReportView here
Appendix 12.5Noise Monitoring ResultsView here
Appendix 12.6Traffic Flow DataView here
Appendix 12.7Vanguardia Arena and Hotel Noise ModelsView here
Appendix 12.8FiguresView here
Appendix 13.1Historic Environment Desk-Based AssessmentView here
Appendix 13.2Written Scheme of InvestigationView here
Appendix 13.3FiguresView here
Appendix 14.1GP Surgeries within a one-mile radius of the Proposed DevelopmentView here
Appendix 14.2Nursery and Primary Schools within a two-mile radius
of the Proposed Development 
View here
Appendix 14.3Secondary Schools within a three-mile radius of the Proposed Development View here
Appendix 14.4Community Facilities within a two-mile radius of the Proposed Development View here
Appendix 14.5Methodology for Calculating the Maximum Population of Residents
within the Proposed Development
View here
Appendix 14.6Construction Jobs Calculation and Methodology View here
Appendix 14.7Operational Jobs Calculation and Methodology View here
Appendix 15.1Baseline ConditionsView here
Appendix 15.2Health Evidence Review View here
Appendix 16.1Policy and Guidance View here
Appendix 16.2Study Area View here
Appendix 16.3Character Plan View here
Appendix 16.4Designations View here
Appendix 16.5Visual Analysis View here
Appendix 16.6Visual Effects Tables and Photoviews View here
Appendix 16.7GLVIA MethodologyView here
Appendix 17.1Legislation and Planning PolicyView here
Appendix 17.2Assessment MethodologyView here
Appendix 18.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 19.1Policy and Guidance View here
Appendix 19.2Assessment MethodologyView here
Appendix 19.3FiguresView here
Appendix 20.1Legislation, Policy and GuidanceView here
Appendix 20.2Impact Magnitude, Sensitivity and Significance CriteriaView here
Appendix 20.3Average Daylight Factor Calculations Assumptions and SensitivityView here
Appendix 20.4FiguresView here
REP-003Non-Technical SummaryView here
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