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Surface water sewer diversion

Knights Brown are carrying out the pre-enabling works in advance of the Cardiff Arena and Hotel development. Following on from previous communications, we would like to update and advise as we move into the next stage of our works – diversion of the storm-water sewer running underneath Schooner Way and the anticipated timeline for each operation and the adjustments to access this will have in the local area.

The site hoarding/fencing has been erected and we will soon be required to close a section of the footpath between Silurian Park and Schooner Way, to safely undertake excavation works and begin the sewer diversion.

We have provided an alternative footpath around the site hoarding so that the existing section of footpath through our works could be closed on 10/06/24.
However, we have been made aware that another contractor has begun separate works nearby (in the vicinity of the Silurian Park children’s play area) and this may result in there being a brief period of no footpath access through Silurian Park to Ffordd Garthorne from the date above until their works are complete; which we have been advised will be 26/06/24.

Once the existing footpath through the site has been removed, we can begin preparation and commencement of sewer diversion works at several locations as shown on the plan below.

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Location A – 24/06/24

• Excavation to allow removal of a buried structure that currently obstructs the new sewer route. This work may cause some noise disturbance. Our general site hours are 07:30 to 18:00 and noise operations are to be limited to 08:00 – 18:00.

Location B – 24/06/24

• Excavation for new manhole SD2

Schooner Way – 02/07/24

• Closure of Schooner Way between Schooner Drive and Hemingway Road to allow construction of the new sewer and associated flow diversion (over-pumping) works during the build process.
Please note that in addition to the closure of Schooner Way, for our works on 02/07/2024, there is ongoing work by others affecting Hemingway Road from 01/07/2024 that overlaps with our works for approximately 2 months.
All County Hall access will be via Hemingway Road roundabout, due to the closure of Schooner Way.

Locations C and D – 02/07/24

• Setup of “over-pumping” equipment that will effectively divert water from C to D to allow our construction of the new sewer to be completed under dry conditions. The generator we require to run these pumps will need to run 24hrs/day. Having assessed the situation We have made the decision to place this in the County Hall car park, approx. 70m away from the nearest residence. In addition, we will also install “noise blankets” that further dampen sound output. A combination of the selected generator location and additional noise mitigation should lead to an output quieter than a passing vehicle.

Location E – 08/07/24

• Excavation for manhole SD1 at the start of the newly diverted sewer route.
• The Installation of the new sewer pipe linking SD2 to SD1is anticipated to commence 29/07/24

Location F – 30/09/24

• Excavation for manholes SD3 and Car Park connection which also includes removal of an existing manhole at the end of the newly diverted sewer route.
• Installation of the new sewer pipe linking SD2 to SD3 is anticipated to commence 06/09/24.
The above phases of the sewer diversion works are scheduled to be undertaken between 24 Jun and 11 Nov this year.

We understand that our work can cause disruption and we’d like to assure you that we will complete the work as quickly as possible.
Please note that all stated dates could be subject to change in the event of unforeseen issues or weather conditions.
If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to get in contact with me on 07790 781738 or by email at

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